Lost Cove Boulders:

The bouders at lost cove are hard to beat. This is smallest yet most concentrated area around Boone. The best part about this spot is how fast it dries. It could be soaked at Blowing Rock or Grandmother but dry as a bone here. There are 2 major areas at lost cove. When hiking down, you will hit the main area first. This area is very obvious because of the big patio boudler. Here you will find classics like Patio Arete (V4) and Matt's Prow (V8). If you contiue to walk past these boulders, you will enventually run into the 2nd area. This spot has beautiful problems like Witness This (V4), Pussy Foot (V7) and Two Pop (V9).

The Scoop:

If there is one thing to remember, it's that Lost Cove is probably dry. Best time to go is in the winter. The summer can get REALLY hot. Although this area is small, there are plenty of lines and variations to play around on. The one downside to Lost Cove is the parking. There are two little pull offs (that might fix a total of 6 cars). If this place is filled up, please move on to the next area! We cannot afford to block the road and have this area shut down. Please stay on the trails and once again, PICK UP YOUR TRASH (whether it's yours or not)! Check out Lost Cove; You won't be disappointed.


From Boone, take 105 S towards Banner Elk. Once in Tynecastle, stay straight like you're heading towards Linville. Once you get to the stop light, continue straight. You will come to a 4 way stop sign. Take a left onto Roseboro Rd. Stay on Roseboro until you hit the Blue Ridge Parkway. Go straight across the parkway (set your odomiter). Go 1.1 miles down the gravel road. You will see a couple big boulders on the left and a pull off right below them. You can either park there, or continue down the road another .1 miles. The next pull off is on the right. Like I mentioned above, there is very limited space to park. If you plan to check out this boulder field, please carpool! Don't park in the road.

Dry Time(days): 1-2 Days.
Best Season: Winter
Parking: Very Limited! (See above for details)
Camping: No.
# of Problems: 50(+ or -)
Classic Problems: Patio Arete (V4), Matt's Prow (V8), Lost Cove Cranks (V4), Lunatic Arete (V3), Beasley's Face (V5), Bertha (V9), Kratos (V12), Witness This (V4), Two Pop (V9)