Grandmother Mountain:

Welcome to Boone's finest boulder field! Grandmother Mountain has been around for years and years. There are tons of boulders scattered all over the mountainside for beginners to pros. Grandmother is the best area to visit in the summer because of the cooler temperatures. Most of the boulders are next to thick rhododendrons and trees to keep you in the shade. This area is the largest area around Boone. If you want to be social, head up to the Mighty Mouse boulder and you're sure to find tons of friends. If you'd rather have peace and quiet, there is always a lonely boulder begging to be climbed. You can climb here all 4 seasons depending on the rain. Although it takes a little longer to dry, Grandmother Mountain is worth a trip.

The Scoop:

Please stay on the established trails. Grandmother Mountain is a beautiful climbing area because the people who climb this mountain respect it. Pick up all trash (whether it's yours or not). There are tons of boulders around so if it's too crowded in one place, keep wandering around the trails. The very top of the mountain tends to dry out the quickest due to wind and exposure. Note that up on top, there are a couple of homes very close to the boulders. Please respect their privacy.


From Boone, take Highway 105 S towards Banner Elk/Linville. Once you get into Tynecastle (there is a McDonalds on your left), go straight through the light. You will enter the town of Linville after a couple miles. Once in Linville, make a left onto Highway 221 N. Stay on this road until you see an exit to get onto the Blue Ridge Parkway. At the stop sign, take a right onto the parkway. Continue down the road until you see either the Grandfather Mountain Overlook Parking or continue a to the Grandmother Parking Area(Mile 307.4). If these parking lots are full, don't park on the grass! Please go to another area. The park service has a big problem with climbers taking up the entire parking lot and not leaving any room for the tourists. Thanks.

Quick Tips:

Dry Time(days): 2-3 Days.
Best Season: All Year.
Parking: Limited! (See above for details)
Camping: No.
# of Problems: 100+
Classic Problems: Have Guns Will Travel (V7), Car Door (V2), Throttle (V5), Hot Rod (V8), Mighty Mouse (V5), Ebonics (V6), Pulling Teeth (V4), Raw Meat (V7), Darkman (V5).