Blowing Rock Boulders:

This boulder field is by far the closest cluster of boulders from Boone (roughly 10 minutes). This is probably the reason that Blowing Rock is most popular boulder field around. BR is also a great place for beginners to get outside and boulder. The boulder in the picture to the right is the "5.10 Wall." This is the first boulder you run into and is a great warm up. A must see boulder at BR is the pump wall(V3). This is long traverse with cool features and pockets. Although there are awesome starting problems, there are plenty of hard problems from the stronger climber. The classic problems such as Colt 45(V7) and Preferential Treatment(V9) are tucked back in the woods and made for strong tendons. BR usually dries out pretty quick (1-2 days) and is a great area for night sessions.

The Scoop:

Blowing Rock is a great spot with an easy hike. This place rocks for quick sessions before class or a couple hours in the evening. Convenience and quality are two reasons this area is a sweet spot. Please respect this area and stay on the obvious trails. Also pick up all of the trash (whether it's yours or not). The locals take great pride in their boulder fields which is why BR is an immaculate place to climb. Enjoy!


From Boone, take Hwy 321 S to Blowing Rock. Go past the shoppes on the parkway and cruise on main street until you hit the first stop light. Take a right onto Hwy 221 for about a mile. You will pass the exit for the blue ridge parkway. Right after the exit, you will see a rest stop on your left. Pull into the rest stop and follow until the end. There is a parking area directly in front of the trail which is where we are allowed to park. Don't park in front of the restrooms or on the grass. Also, stay off the sides of Hwy 221. Parking is a big issue for Blowing Rock. If the parking area is full, please check out another boulder field. In the winter, the rest area is closed with barricades at each end. This decreasing the parking significantly (only a few cars can squeeze beside them without being in the road). The park service has a big problem with climbers taking up the entire parking lot and not leaving any room for the tourists. Please help us keep BR open by obeying the parking rules.

Quick Tips

Dry Time(days): Most of BR: 1-2 Days. Mushroom Boulder: 2-3 Days
Best Season: All Year.
Parking: Limited! (See note above)
Camping: No.
# of Problems: 100+
Classic Problems: Harvester of Sorrows(V4), Center 45(V3), Pump Wall(V3), Stone House(V 5/6), Colt 45(V7), Preferential Treatment(V9), Flagyl(V10), Low Boy(V5)...